Musings of a Terminally Disillusioned Soul

Why the 2nd Amendment needs to be expanded to 'The Right to Bear Information' →

What executive power is too much? →

Obama has authorized the assassination of a US citizen without due process.

What it Means to be a Skeptic →

A good intro.  All sorts of misconceptions when I say I am a Skeptic.

The Tea Party Movement Is Not Secular, it is just a F'ed up as the 'mainstream' republicans. →

It is not a libertarian party it is a party of disgruntled republican’s both socially and fiscally conservative.

Skepticism vs. Atheism, I think Skepticism takes the front seat →

Unlike Hemant I think that skepticism is more important.  If you can ingrain a skepticism in people skepticism of religious claims will often follow.  However, too many people will be put off completely by attacks on religion.  Not saying there isn’t place for vocal atheists but for me skepticism is more important.

How to approach suspicion of teachers undermining science in school. →

Not sure what to do until your kids are old enough to come home and tell you of something strange going on in the classroom.

Teach the controversy, not what you think. Geocentricity not Intelligent design. →

The universe revolves around the earth.  Other indications are misdirections by the devil.

Once you start throwing out evidence where do you stop?

Biases confirmed! →

Hehe, writing proficiency as a function of religious self identification.

Apparently the massive tax cut proposed by Obama isn't enough! →

Republican’s won’t be satisfied until there is NO income tax on the wealthy.

Hawking on God →